Mandy, Micah and Raif shared their stories because they believe it will make a difference for the next generation of kids living in America’s foster care system. These organizations are working to ensure that all children in foster care have every opportunity to lead a happy and successful life.

Seneca Center
Families 4 Children
First Star
CASA for Children
Foster Club
The Kinship CenterFoster Care Alumni of America
Fostering Media Connections
Fostering Connections Fostering Connections Trauma Center
National Foster Youth Action Network
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Foster Youth Transforming Themselves into Powerful Leaders and Advocates
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Imagine a world in which foster youth in every state are confident, successful and contributing to their communities. The foster youth leaders of the National Foster Youth Action Network are building the movement that will realize this dream.

Imagine hundreds of foster youth around the country -- like Mandy and Raif -- who are speaking out about their experiences in foster care for the first time. They are inspiring voices for change.

The Action Network equips, trains, and empowers our foster youth members in many states to become confident leaders who advocate with powerful officials to improve the foster care system. The skills youth learn as part of the Action Network also help them become resilient, confident, and productive adults.

Foster youth are transforming the foster care system because their lives depend on it.

Foster youth are experts because they live in the foster care system every day. They know what works – and what doesn’t. The National Foster Youth Action Network helps foster youth at the state level organize as a community. We help them build their own youth-led organizations. We provide ongoing training so they can develop long-term relationships with leading officials, present their recommendations for change, and organize other youth to get involved in making the foster care system more effective.

The well being of foster youth is our responsibility. They are our children, with the same hopes and dreams.  They deserve the same opportunities.

With your tax-deductible gift to the National Foster Youth Action Network, you will help foster youth achieve their dreams, become successful adults, and improve the foster care system for all 468,000 foster youth in the U.S.