Paige Williams - Director Paige Williams, Director
Paige is an award-winning filmmaker based in Missoula, Montana. Her newest feature length documentary From Place to Place, about Mandy & Raif aging out of foster care and changing the system that raised them, has been instrumental in changing child welfare policy across the country. Williams recently directed two short documentaries in Haiti – The Spirit of the Valley and Step By Step. The Spirit of the Valley premiered at The International Montana Cine Film Festival and Step By Step premiered at the Green Film Festival in Seoul, Korea. Williams’ personal award winning documentary feature Mississippi Queen screened in 34 film festivals winning five awards. The film has distribution through the IFC/Sundance channel and Williams created it into a television pilot. Paige Williams founded Porch Productions in 2006 having graduated from The University of Montana with an MFA in Digital Filmmaking and an MA in Directing.

Matt Anderson - Producer Matt Anderson, Producer
Matt earned his Masters in Social Work from the University of Montana. Matt has extensive experience working with at-risk youth and managing non-profit organizations. Matt has a particular interest in the power of voice and stories in working towards social justice. In 2008, Matt began working with Paige Williams and Porch Productions to produce the film From Place to Place. In 2009 Matt joined Paige as a co-owner of Porch Productions. In 2010 Matt joined Antwone Fisher and Oren Moverman as a member of the National Association of Social Workers’ Communications Network Advisory Committee.

Photo of David Parfit - Composer David Parfit, Composer
David holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of Montana and a M.Mus. in Music Technology from New York University. He studied digital signal processing, composition, and film scoring with Dr. Robert Rowe, Dr. Richard Boulanger, Dr. Ron Sadoff, Dr. Charles Nichols, and Dr. Kenneth Peacock. As a technologist and former software engineer, David embraces the modern resources available to composers, yet he understands the essential organic musicality of living, breathing musicians. David recently co-composed the score to the award winning and internationally recognized fim, SAVING LUNA, a feature length documentary by Mountainside Films. Currently, he is employed by Mountainside Films and resides in British Columbia, Canada.

Matt Anderson - Producer Matt Anderson, Producer
Twigg, who at 33 recently upgraded to children 2.0, received a B.A. in Fine Art as a UM undergraduate, and later completed an MFA in the newly developing Media Arts sector. This combination of traditional and more cutting-edge studies has served him well, as he finds numerous ways to weave the two realms into his work.