From Place to Place uncovers one of America’s hidden tragedies by bringing to light the challenges facing America’s foster care system and the impact it has on our most vulnerable children. In the words of the film’s characters...

"It’s pretty daunting to think that a little girl from Montana is going to have
a national effect on the foster care system…and that one or two people can start a revolution."

– Mandy, From Place to Place

"It’s raw and it’s cold and it’s harsh and it will hit you hard."
– Raif, From Place to Place

"Aging out without a permanent family and/or adequate preparation for adulthood is a crisis. It is a personal injury to each and every youth in care and a public emergency for our national child welfare system." – Casey Family Services «« View website »»
From Place to Place’s primary message is that no child should be raised by a temporary system. Every child deserves a safe permanent family. Family Finding is an innovative practice with demonstrated success in localities around the country that ensures children in foster care are connected into a lifelong family. «« Learn More »»
Mental Health

"Adverse childhood experiences are the main determinant of the health and social well-being of the nation." – Dr. Vincent Felitti, MD«« View website »»
Children enter America’s foster care system due to abuse and neglect. In the film, Dr. van der Kolk states that the affects of being moved from place to place in the system are often worse than the original trauma. This exposure to ongoing adverse c hildhood experiences makes it difficult for children to feel safe, secure and to regulate their emotions and behaviors. To help kids achieve permanency, we must have an accurate mental health diagnosis and effective treatments. Dr van der Kolk and his colleagues have proposed the Developmental Trauma Disorder diagnosis and trauma informed therapies to help these children heal. «« Learn More »»
Youth Engagement

"Building leadership and advocacy skills of current and former foster youth" – National Foster Youth Action Network «« View website »»
From Place to Place was inspired by one former foster youth's need to be heard. Matt (Producer) and Codie (Character) were having a conversation about Codie’s anxiety about aging out of foster care. Codie said, "my life matters and my story is important; people need to know about what is happening to me." And then Codie said, "let’s make a movie about my life in foster care!" This conversation led to three years of production and post-production guided by Paige (Director) that culminated in a feature documentary that has significantly impacted America’s foster care system. This film is a perfect example of what can happen when we engage with youth by Listening, Trusting and Taking Action with them. Not only is youth engagement an effective strategy for improving systems it also helps youth to develop the experience and skills they need as they transition to adulthood.
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"One of the main goals of the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth is to break down the various silos that have prevented stakeholders from addressing all of the overlapping issues that affect children and youth in care." – Becky Shipp, Senate Committee on Finance Health Policy Advisor
To improve outcomes for children in America’s foster care system it is critical that all of the child and family serving systems work effectively together. This requires a shared philosophy, clear vision and committed leadership that spans across the courts, legislative, mental health and child welfare systems. By working together each system can better ensure its commitment to the safety, permanency and well being of children in care. Pennsylvania’s Office of Children and Youth in the Courts is featured in the film for their collaborative approach. «« Learn More »»