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Thank you so much for supporting our film and caring about Mandy’s success. She has given so much to all of us throughout this project and we are pleased to be able to give back to her.

Matt & Paige

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Mandy has shown great courage and selflessness by sharing her story in this film. She has given so much to so many and it is time for us to give back. A portion of your purchase will go to Mandy. Remember when you were 22 years old and your parents or grandparents would send you a care package or some spending cash? Well, this is like sending Mandy the occasional care package.

Like many young adults, Mandy is getting acquainted with the challenges of putting herself through college. Unlike most young adults, she does not have family to rely upon for guidance, emotional support or financial resources. Your donation will be put in a savings account that will be managed by Mandy with the support and guidance of filmmakers, Matt and Paige.